Our team

The BioBox family is an amazing group of like-minded individuals who believe that wholesome and healthy food is not only the way to protect our planet, but how we look after ourselves. We are “green” people working for a BLUE planet and we want to help everyone in the UAE realise the happiness and fun in eating well.


Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Farmer's Friend, Sales & Operations

Alex is the healthy food guru at MHO as he is very passionate about how food is sourced and how well we eat. He hails from the luxury retail sector where he spent several years working in sales and training the team with LVMH and Prada. His dedication to providing the best options of good, nutritious food sustaining our environment and teaching individuals about how to live a happy life-style is what motivates our customers to try (and love!) the My Healthy Office option. In his spare time, Alex enjoys theatre workshops, meditating for calmness and spreading good vibes!

Mahmoud E.K.

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Intermittent Faster, Dad, Finance, Strategy & Business Development

Mahmoud is a whizz with mainstreaming good business practices, keeping the house in order, as well as paving the way for the future. His background is in general management and strategy consulting with multi-nationals like Schneider Electric, L’Oreal, KDD and Bain & Co. He is a committed member of the Young Arab Leaders organisation, an MBA holder from INSEAD and a devoted enthusiast of healthy sustainable living as well as an unapologetic tree-hugger. He is a lover of Baroque and Jazz music, a keen lap swimmer, an avid reader and an intensive traveller (ticking off over 60 countries where he’s made sure to try every food in sight!)

Marc L.

Co-Founder, Gaming Wizard, Technologist, Digital Marketing Guru

It is Marc’s great belief that healthy life-styles should be easy to attain and no technology should be the cause of the barrier. His aim is to provide access to healthy food as well as education and training - all whilst making it fun! As an extremely accomplished growth hacker, Marc has executed and launched the gaming companies Eye Box Games, Fortafy Games and Perfect Tap Games, as well as propelled the BioBox umbrella of companies. Besides hacking video games, Marc is a cinema aficionado and a baseball fan.

Lea S.

Fashionista, Influencer, Role Model, PR & Image Consultant

When she is not busy cooking mouth-watering goodness for hundreds of people a year, taking care of her family and friends, Lea gives us existential advice on how to position ourselves, talk to the public sphere and simply be happy. She has been an entrepreneur herself by opening her very own Parisian PR Boutique Firm centered around Haute Couture, Luxury, Gourmet Food and Tourism across Europe, the Middle East and Russia. She is an influencing Instagrammer and motivated by excellent food sourcing and providing sustainable options.

Amelie H.

Fitness Consultant, Entrepreneur, Well-being Ambassador

As the founder of Motion Cycling, the first indoor cycling boutique in Dubai, Amelie is passionate about, helping women to get stronger both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. She left a career in private equities to pursue her vision and brand her high-intensity workout incorporating mind, body and soul to music and candlelight. Amelie is our well-being ambassador and advisor helping us enrich healthy life-styles in the UAE.